Private Lessons

Technique Private Lessons
When it’s just you and a teacher in the studio, you get all the attention. The teacher can hone in on your weaknesses and design the whole lesson just for you. If you’re having a problem with turns or you want to gain more flexibility, the teacher can tailor exercises to help strengthen those weaknesses. You don’t have to have a specific problem or focus to take private lessons, but it helps to talk to your teacher about your goals and keep an open line of communication.

We offer technique private lessons in Ballet, Jazz, Acro and Tap. You may sign up at the Front Office to work with a faculty member.


Performance Private Lessons
Any student applying for a Private Lesson must be currently enrolled in one weekly non-performing ballet class and the style of the Private Lesson they are applying for.

Dance Spectrum Competitive Students are invited to enter their Private Lessons into the competitions specified by the Dance Spectrum Faculty.

If you’re interested in apply for a private lesson, download the private lesson application form below, fill it out, and return to the DS office.