Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19)

Hello Dance Spectrum families!

Effective immediately, we are suspending dance classes until further notice. This has been a very hard and emotional decision.I sincerely hope that we are all over-reacting but I am not willing to take that risk. Dance Spectrum will do our part to stop the spread and hopefully, help bring the end date of this, a little closer. If closing our doors keeps even one family member, a friend, or anyone in our community from getting seriously ill, it is worth it to me. 

We know that it’s going to be difficult for us to be away from our Dance Spectrum family. We are going to do our best to keep in touch with you while we’re apart. To that end, I have created a Facebook page for Dance Spectrum “Members Only”. You will receive an invitation to accept an invitation to our Dance Spectrum’s “Members Only” Page.  Once you have been accepted you will have access to daily posts, virtual classes, contests, workshops, family activities, and messages from all of us. With this we will be able to connect, and keep our spirits up, as well as enabling our dancers to keep up the skills they have been working so hard on. 

Please also keep an eye on your email for any notices we may choose to send privately, as well as enabling our dance family that are not Facebook members to participate as well. 

As always – dance, stretch, eat well and drink plenty of water. 

Our goal is to resume our full schedule when it is appropriate. 


Much Love and Respect
Patty Neal,
Founder, CEO ️