See What People Are Saying About Us

See What People Are Saying About Us

"If you're looking for a wonderful, caring, talent-filled studio for yourself or your've found it at the Dance Spectrum. I couldn't be more proud!"

"Dance Spectrum boasts a line-up of professional teaching faculty who infuse technical skills, classical training, current dance trends, and excellent choreography into their classrooms. Of even greater importance, DS teaches their students self-confidence, care and consideration for others, and the importance of a healthy body. All dancers are treated as family." 

"Thank you Dance Spectrum for all the lessons both in dance and in life that you teach so many each year! Looking forward to a new dance year!!!"

"The best dance studio around!! Great teachers, great fun! Give the gift of dance."

"Dance Spectrum is my second home. I started dancing there when I was 3. It is a great place for kids to grow and learn about dancing. It is a wonderful place to make lifetime friends.”

"The teachers are great and so friendly making everyone feel at home and comfortable. They staff is very up to date on the most current style for dance, and they pass that on to their students."

"Ultra professional, genuine caring among the participants. Miss Patty is the best instructor I have ever seen in action."

"I learned so much there while I was a student. I can always depend on the Dance Spectrum to be there! Love this place!"

"I saw Dance Spectrum's Rehearsal in 2007. WOW!!! Was I impressed!!! I felt I had wasted money on my daughter's dance classes in Toronto. If only, Dance Spectrum was in Toronto."

"I danced with Dance Spectrum for 15 years and my daughter is a current student. I am so happy to be able to give this gift to my child." 

 "After dancing there myself a few years ago, I now send my children there!"

"My daughter’s teacher, Miss Lynne, even refers to all of the students in class as ‘our friends,’ and they are certainly treated as such. I can’t imagine a more fun, welcoming, and encouraging environment for my little girl. While I did not become one of the professional dancers produced from the halls of DS, I do use many of the lessons I learned while there in my career as a college educator: work hard, have confidence, be fair and flexible, practice makes perfect, be positive, nurture talents (big and small), take care of yourself and others."

"Thank you Miss Patty and the DS crew for all of the gifts you have given to me and countless others in the WNY community. Your influence extends far beyond the stage. Being a Dance Spectrum dancer is truly a lifelong gift. Send your children here. They will love it!"

"I went to the Dance Spectrum for twelve years and had some of the best times. Not only did I grow as a dancer but as a person."

"I would recommend anyone who enjoys dancing or wants to try something new. This studio is great for experts and beginners! The staff is amazing and passionate about what they do, and it shows."

"In the words of my daughters " Dance Spectrum is one of the best parts of my LIFE"

"The Dance Spectrum is a great place to get professional and trendy dance instruction. Selection of music and costumes are appropriate for age. Teachers are awesome with kids. Environment is very energetic and pleasant. Staff is professional and charismatic."

"Prices are very reasonable and they always put on an awesome and impressive recital at Shea’s in downtown Buffalo (the only dance school to perform recitals there)"

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